Peter Gatehouse


I was born and raised in Melbourne but at the age of 26 moved to the countryside with my wife Margaret.I feel i have always gravitated towards more "earthy" interests and hobbies even though for the past 30 years i have been working as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in various Hospitals and medical facilities.

My interest in beekeeping has been a fascinating and rewarding hobby for the past few years. However a recent workplace restructure found me being retrenched after 22 years with the same company.Rather than despair i saw this as an opportunity to create the lifestyle that i have always yearned for and so i founded "Hill Top Hives" in the Spring of 2016.

My qualifications and experience as a medical scientist funnily enough has provided me with skills to work as a beekeeper. Inparticular being able to inspect hives for pests and diseases is not all that different to scanning different samples in a pathology labortory.Once you have a good grasp of what is normal and healthy the abnormal and diseased is easier to spot.

Working hives is an absolute joy.Bees are fascinating insects to watch.They don"t work for their individual needs,instead working together as an "organism" which is the colony or the hive.