Swarm removal

Swarm/Wild Hive Relocation

We can come to your property and remove swarms and established wild hives. We do not kill the bees, we house them in one of our hives.

The bees that we rescue need to be quarantined for 6-12 months and monitored for any disease before we can introduce them into one of our established apiaries. A new queen may need to be purchased as well, as the current queen may have undesirable traits such as aggressiveness. This affects the entire hive.

Costs for retrieval vary depending on travel time, and the level of difficulty accessing the hive or swarm.As a rule of thumb a call that involves up to two hours is $120 plus travel. I can give a no obligation quote over the phone on how much it will cost to remove bees safely.

Please keep in mind that i am cheaper than a pest exterminator that will use nasty chemicals and kill the bees that are vital pollinators of our food. If their were no bees then we would not have apples,oranges,blueberries, blackberries,raspberries almonds,walnuts,carrots,onions…..and the list goes on.

Past Swarm/Hive removals

Please call me on 0423 244 107 (Peter) to discuss your situation and receive a quote.