Consultancy Service


We offer a one-on-one consultation, inspect your hive and discuss your questions and concerns. If necessary, further course of action can be arranged and subsequent costs advised. Onsite consulting rate is $120 for the first 2 hours and $60 each subsequent hour. These costs apply to a 55 kilometre radius from Mirboo North, Victoria. Additional costs apply for travel of distances over 55 kilometres.

I was having some trouble with my bees that were becoming a bit aggressive.Peter came and helped me requeen my hive.We searched for the queen before replacing her with a new queen.Peter then came back a few weeks later to check how the queen was settling in.Whilst we had the hive open we harvested some honey (9kg worth!!) and checked how much brood and pollen was in the hive and then packed it down for winter.Peter explained everything as we went,so it was a great earning experience.I feel a lot more confident handling my bees and looking after my hive after Peter’s visits.Thanks Peter.”

(Kristy - Traralgon, Gippsland) Facebook review

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